Ep 93 – Full Hen House (Catch-Up pt 1)

The fellowship reunited! Join the Foxes this week to catch up on what movies, shows, and games that have been keeping Mindy and Liz entertained. Also, meet the Hen House’s new visitor!

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Ep 92 – The Wrap of Con

At the end of the con, lies the beginning of the podcast… or something like that. See how clever my Wrath of Khan reference is??

Awesome cosplay, CVS rum drinks, educational panels, drunken dance parties and more abound in this episode, as the travel-weary Foxes offer their final thoughts on BlerdCon and NorthAmeriCon! Who unsuccessfully tried to use Extrabucks to buy booze? Who got a Star Trek: The Next Generation shout-out from a panelist on stage? What special guest joined the Foxes on their merry mission? Which Fox… stayed home? Find out the answer to all these questions and more on this week’s episode!

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Minisode 12 – Latino Rising

The Great Fox Migration continues in San Juan, PR as Karen and Liz make friends at NorthAmeriCon ’17!

Tune in this week as they sit down for a conversation with Matthew David Goodwin, editor of the SF/F anthology “Latin@ Rising”, and guest of the upcoming Nerdtino Expo in November.

Come for the thought-provoking literary discourse, stay for the persistent background music.


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