Covert Cupid ’17 Fanfic: Mindy

Note: This entry is part of this year’s Covert Cupid challenge, in which each host drew three characters from a hat and used them to write a romantic fanfiction short. You can hear them all read aloud in Episode 80 of the podcast.

It had to be a Christmas movie. Of course it had to be a Christmas movie. I strongly suspected foul play, but, when I watched the video of the Heat Miser’s song… it was actually pretty cute.
This was certainly a tough one for me — I wasn’t too familiar with any of the characters, and at first, they seemed to have absolutely nothing whatsoever in common.

Ultimately, though, I couldn’t resist the idea of matching up two sort-of-supervillains who each had a kind of creepy crack team of minions, however bizarre the pairing seemed to be. And as for Leela, well, who better to pop randomly and inexplicably into a story than a Doctor Who companion?

And, um… I love fondue. Don’t you?

I hope you enjoy the story! -Mindy

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Ep 80 – Covert Cupid 2017

If you had forgotten Covert Cupid… damn, then we could’ve gotten away not hosting it and you wouldn’t have been the wiser.

But traditions don’t become traditions unless you keep participating, and since we’re working on making this a tradition that’s going to last…here we are.

It’s like looking down at a heart-shaped box of chocolates where there’s no key in sight and you’re just hoping with all you’ve got that you pick good flavors, knowing full well you’ve got to smile your way through whatever orange creme-filled nightmare you happen to actually get.

So join us this week for our big reveals, not safe for work language and situations, and more importantly…NO APOLOGIES.

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Ep 50 – The British Are Coming!

They say
Foxes in the Hen House is turning a year old today
Is that true?
We weren’t aware this was something we’d actually do
We’re impressed
Are we going to keep on discussing pop cultural things?
If so, what’s next?
We’re very excited to see what the second year brings…
(*whisper whisper whisper*)
…British television?

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Ep 46 – Don’t Lay a Finger on My Fandom

As long as there has been fandom, there have been folks who feel certain characters are untouchable. These poor creatures live in a world of anxiety, terrified that change could come at any moment. And they’re usually right.

Find out which of the Foxes *definitely* falls into this category, who thinks a female Doctor would be the pits, which Fox would love the next Bond to come from the land down under, and where the Foxes fall on the color of April O’Neil’s hair in the 1980’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.

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Ep 29 – Bechdels Like a BOSS

What is the Bechdel Test? Where did it come from? Is it possible for women to NOT talk about men? Does passing the Bechdel Test actually make a movie feminist? This and more when the Foxes take the Bechdel Test – and pass with flying colors!

PLUS this week, learn which series of Star Trek best passes the Bechdel Test, which Fox is willing to be Liz’s toady in the coming apocalypse, which surprising comedy series passes both Bechdel AND Racial Bechdel, which Fox takes the most joy in teaching people about the Bechdel Test and, of course, which Fox had too much to drink and subsequently, unintentionally did her best Sarah Palin rant impression*.

*Probably EXACTLY who you think it is.

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Ep 24 – Jessica Jones, AKA Ovaries Before Brovaries

Did you love Jessica Jones? So did we! Let’s drink some drinks and talk it out.

Listen to the Foxes discuss the importance of consent, the rejection of typical tropes about friendships between women, the fact that David Tennant is forever playing the Doctor, the woobification of Kilgrave (aka the Purple Man), the rush job of the final episode, and even toxic parent/child relationships. Oh, and how hot Luke Cage is. So, so hot.

Karen gives us insight into the Alias comic, Liz offers thoughts on the sibling rivalry between Jessica and Trish, Mindy intimates what flashbacks she missed, and Caitlin applauds the amount of woman-positive sex. Seriously, Simpson – I don’t love you, but you’re KIND OF the man. You know.

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Foxes in the Hen House ep 14 – Shippers Passing in the Night

Karen and Mindy are ready to talk about “shipping”, that notorious side of fandom of will-they-won’t-they, do-they-already, or even can-they-just-not. Caitlin and Liz, however, are having none of it–they NEVER indulge in romantic speculation. Nope. Not ever. And they sure as hell NEVER wrote fanfiction about it.

Notes and links from this week’s episode:

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