Karen and Mindy are ready to talk about “shipping”, that notorious side of fandom of will-they-won’t-they, do-they-already, or even can-they-just-not. Caitlin and Liz, however, are having none of it–they NEVER indulge in romantic speculation. Nope. Not ever. And they sure as hell NEVER wrote fanfiction about it.

Notes and links from this week’s episode:

Fan Lore
Fan Fiction dot Net
Archive of Our Own
80 Days – Inkle Studios
Social Justice Warrior – Nonadecimal
Urban Dictionary
“An Old Person’s Guide to No Homo” – Jay Smooth
(Also: “How to Tell Someone They Sound Racist” Also by Jay Smooth)

Bennifer vs Brangelina
According to Urban Dictionary the first entry for Bennifer was submitted on 08-01-03, where as the first entry for Brangelina wasn’t until 11-02-06.
This might be about as conclusive as we need to be, on this particular topic.

Rule 43/34
We misspoke when we said it was Rule 43 that deals with smut on the internet, when in actuality it’s Rule 34. [10 points to Gryffindor, Caitlin. – K]

Flower Crowns
On the origin of flower crowns: Fan Lore

Can apparently can mean both Unrequited Sexual Tension and Unresolved Sexual Tension. [Vindication! – K]

Hollywood Fat Cat bears no relation to Fat Cat of Chip ‘n Dale fame. [That you know of. – Liz]

“Necklines are a’right, but the skirts are too long–cut ’em sommore. We’re hitting sweeps!”