Did you love Jessica Jones? So did we! Let’s drink some drinks and talk it out.

Listen to the Foxes discuss the importance of consent, the rejection of typical tropes about friendships between women, the fact that David Tennant is forever playing the Doctor, the woobification of Kilgrave (aka the Purple Man), the rush job of the final episode, and even toxic parent/child relationships. Oh, and how hot Luke Cage is. So, so hot.

Karen gives us insight into the Alias comic, Liz offers thoughts on the sibling rivalry between Jessica and Trish, Mindy intimates what flashbacks she missed, and Caitlin applauds the amount of woman-positive sex. Seriously, Simpson – I don’t love you, but you’re KIND OF the man. You know.

Show Notes:
Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz – The Girl from Ipanema
Michael Colter as Luke Cage
The Female Gaze is a Gaze trope about the way a work is presented as from a female perspective or reflects female attitudes, either because of the creator’s gender or because it is deliberately aimed at a female audience. While it can contribute to it, Female Gaze is not restricted to looking at sexy men but is more importantly about the expectations of how the (presumptive) audience relates to the work.
“The Rule” – Dykes to Watch Out For
Carrie Ann Moss: Dressed like a BOSS
The Brother and Sister are Ruben and Robyn masterfully played by Kieran Mulcare and Colby Minifie respectively
Noser – The Middleman
I’m still looking for that tumblr post which compares Kilgrave to The Doctor. If you happen to find it before I do, please send it along! – Karen
Alias – Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos, Bill Sienkeiwicz

This episode is no where near brought to you by Scandi Cider but we mention it so much, here’s a link anyway.

Yeah, in the comics Jessica went to High School with Peter Parker.  (screenrant)
And Trish(Patsy) Walker is friends with She-Hulk (scans_daily)
Genre Savvy (tv tropes)
Woobie (tv tropes)
Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cindi Lauper
Sweet Christmas!
Bury Your Gays (tv tropes)
Robin Weigert as “Deadwood’s” Calamity Jane