What is the Bechdel Test? Where did it come from? Is it possible for women to NOT talk about men? Does passing the Bechdel Test actually make a movie feminist? This and more when the Foxes take the Bechdel Test – and pass with flying colors!

PLUS this week, learn which series of Star Trek best passes the Bechdel Test, which Fox is willing to be Liz’s toady in the coming apocalypse, which surprising comedy series passes both Bechdel AND Racial Bechdel, which Fox takes the most joy in teaching people about the Bechdel Test and, of course, which Fox had too much to drink and subsequently, unintentionally did her best Sarah Palin rant impression*.

*Probably EXACTLY who you think it is.

Show Notes:

“The Rule” – Alison Bechdel

9 Inventions that Edison Did Not Make (jawadonweb.com)


50 Shades of Grey – Trailer

Gravity – Official Trailer

High on the NOOOOOOOOOOPE scale, for premise.

The King and I – Trailer (1956)

Crossroads – Trailer

Chick Flick (tvtropes)

Men are Generic, Women are Special (tvtropes)

MPAA Statistics Break the Stunning News That Most of the People Who Go the Movies Aren’t White Men (themarysue)

No Jessica Jones isn’t sexist towards men (themarysue)

“Do women talk more?”  (slate.com)

Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media (seejane.org)

Mako Mori Test (geekfeminism.wikia.com)

Sexy Lamp Test (sjwiki.org)
Films That Totally Fail the Sexy Lamp Test (ravishly.com)

XxX – Trailer

Boiler Room – Trailer


More information about how the Adult BMI is assessed can be found HERE. (cdc.gov)

Farscape Season 1 – Trailer

“Put That Coffee Down,” – Glengary, Glen Ross (movie clip)

Why Lord of the Flies speaks volumes about boys (telegraph.co.uk)

Stanford Prison Experiment
Though, it was Zimbardo, not Milgram.

Bechdel Testing Star Trek – Movies (trekkiefeminist.tumblr)

How Does Your Favorite Star Trek Series on the Bechdel Test? (themarysue)

Brooklyn 99 – Trailer

Will Peter Capaldi Leave Doctor Who Season 10? Here’s what he says (cinemablend.com)

Chicken Boo – The Good, The Boo, and the Ugly

8 Great Female Roles That Were Originally Written For Men (vanityfair)

Why Signourney Weaver is the Shit