As long as there has been fandom, there have been folks who feel certain characters are untouchable. These poor creatures live in a world of anxiety, terrified that change could come at any moment. And they’re usually right.

Find out which of the Foxes *definitely* falls into this category, who thinks a female Doctor would be the pits, which Fox would love the next Bond to come from the land down under, and where the Foxes fall on the color of April O’Neil’s hair in the 1980’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.

Show Notes:
“The Internet Really Wants Gillian Anderson to Be the First Female James Bond” (

Idris Elba ‘Too Street’ to Play James Bond, 007 Author Says (








“Hex code for white is actually #ffffff (I am ashamed.)” – Liz


I’d put her at a warm cfb2aa, personally – Karen

April O’Neil: Redhead? or Brunette?
You decide!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S03E09 (Enter the Rat King)

(approx. 20 minutes in, Irma refers to April as a redhead. Thanks to ‘dromer Wesley for the heads up. – Karen)

Space Sector 2814 is one of 3600 Space Sectors into which the Guardians of the Universe divided the universe. Each Space Sector was assigned one, and later two, members of the Green Lantern Corps, who are responsible for its safety and well being. The same system is used for members of the Sinestro Corps.” (greenlantern.wikia)