The Foxes commit thoughtcrime this week with a conversation on dystopias in fiction–what makes a dystopia and why can’t we technically be living in one? Come for the high-brow literary adaptations, stay for dark cartoon headcanon and a comic swap.

Show Notes:



Action Philosophers!

Cartoon Guide to Physics

Brave New World

Shh… Here’s the 1984 audiobook that Liz listened to, narrated by Simon Prebble

The Broadway run of 1984 (someone had fun making this website…)

The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures

LOC Twitter archiving

Palladium’s TMNT roleplaying game: After the Bomb

Raphael has an interesting role in this dark future…

Khan's bookshelf. Titles include Statute Regulating, Dante's Inferno, King Lear, Moby Dick, the Bible, and 2 copies of Paradise Lost
Khan’s bookshelf in Star Trek II, including TWO copies of Paradise Lost



Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis:


Quick terminology note: Ur-example (WARNING: TV Tropes!)

Video game: We Happy Few