When Liz and Karen have gin, it’s a duck-blur–join them for a DuckTales-centric minisode! Tune in for talk about the rebooted cartoon, from voice casting to art style. Then, as the drinks take over, wander with them through a tangent on Liquid Television and other freaky 90s animation.

Show Notes:

You might say to yourself, Reader, “I am interested in watching this first episode of the new Ducktales series that Karen and Liz are discussing! But where can I find it?” Well, Reader, let us help you answer that question.

And now, a peek at Liz’s childhood:


And Karen’s…


The darkly humorous Looney Tunes Show that Liz mentioned (though this is not the particular scene she referenced):


Names they were trying to recall:

lichtenstein_roy_drowning girl
Drowning Girl by Roy Lichtenstein


Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Animation Festival – now you, too, can enjoy the fucked-upness of the 90s!

Liquid TV:


Reign the Conqueror, from the creator of Aeon Flux (but not Phantom 2040–Liz remembered something WAY different there):


Winter Steele:


And the It Gets Better song Karen fondly remembers: