Minisode 12 – Latino Rising

The Great Fox Migration continues in San Juan, PR as Karen and Liz make friends at NorthAmeriCon ’17!

Tune in this week as they sit down for a conversation with Matthew David Goodwin, editor of the SF/F anthology “Latin@ Rising”, and guest of the upcoming Nerdtino Expo in November.

Come for the thought-provoking literary discourse, stay for the persistent background music.


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Minisode 08 – Summer Reading

This week we’re Two-Foxes shy of a Hen House, so we bring to you a Mini-sode on reading and books.
Specifically Summer Reading.
What it meant to us then, what it means to us now, and if it’s really all that different from picking up a book at any other time of the year.

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Minisode 05 – It’s a Steven Universe, We’re Just Living In It

Steven Universe is more than just your average children’s cartoon – it’s a show with layers of depth, meaning, and more than passing glances at adult, sometimes dark, topics.

Discover which episodes got our heroes hook, line, and sinker! Find out which Gems you would use to make a Karen or a Mindy! Ponder the questions that we want answered next season! Scratch your head at the theories we have concocted!

Readers beware: we are about to spoil the sh*t out of this show. The uninitiated, proceed at your own peril.

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