This week finds Liz and Karen worshiping at the temple of American Gods. Or maybe just at the feet of a few of the actors.

Tune in to find out what they love, what they love less, and if they grant wishes.

Show Notes:
How do I watch American Gods?  you might ask.
Neil Gaiman offers the following How To:







“Neverwhere” – Neil Gaiman (goodreads)

“Small Gods” – Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (goodreads)

In Defense of (the Original) James T. Kirk – Larry Womack (huffpost)

Memetic Mutation  (tv tropes)

Meet Orlando Jones’ Mr. Nancy/Anansi in American Gods Episode 2 Clip

And we didn't just read poetry, we let it drip from our tongues like honey.

Orlando Jones:
Official Tumblr
Official Twitter

Rashoman Style (tv tropes)

Bryan Fuller Demanded a Reshoot of American Gods’ Gay Sex Scene Because It Wasn’t Gay Enough (

“Norse Mythology” – Neil Gaiman(goodreads)

Submitted for your approval: Cynthia Ettinger A better choice for Easter?

And in conclusion:

I’ll be in my bunk. – K