At the end of the con, lies the beginning of the podcast… or something like that. See how clever my Wrath of Khan reference is??

Awesome cosplay, CVS rum drinks, educational panels, drunken dance parties and more abound in this episode, as the travel-weary Foxes offer their final thoughts on BlerdCon and NorthAmeriCon! Who unsuccessfully tried to use Extrabucks to buy booze? Who got a Star Trek: The Next Generation shout-out from a panelist on stage? What special guest joined the Foxes on their merry mission? Which Fox… stayed home? Find out the answer to all these questions and more on this week’s episode!

Show Notes:

We had mofongo…

Nerdtino Expo ( – Liz has terrible memory) – November 18 in Philadelphia

Nerdtino at BlerdCon

BlerDCon – More photos we took are up on our FB page.

[shh… here’s that cosplay photo I said I’d share… -Liz]

NorthAmeriCon, aka NASFiC

Game of Thrones pop-up bar in Washington, DC

Bmore Comfy – if you would also like to bleed on the Ninja Turtles…

U.S.S. San Juan – The official Starfleet International chapter in Puerto Rico

Daína Chaviano, Cuban author

Latin@ Rising (as discussed in our last minisode)

The Middleman

Mr. Obama’s Adventure (coming soon)