The fellowship reunited! Join the Foxes this week to catch up on what movies, shows, and games that have been keeping Mindy and Liz entertained. Also, meet the Hen House’s new visitor!

Show Notes:

Destiny the Game
(I don’t even go here, but the trailer really makes even ME want to play this game. – k)

Correction: Mindy mentions Divinity, not Destiny. [Liz must’ve had Peter Dinklage on the brain.]

The Good Place – season 1 trailer

GLOW – season 1 trailer

Hipster Racism:  is engaging in behaviors traditionally regarded as racist and defending them as being performed ironically or satirically. This includes wearing blackface and other performances of stereotyped African Americans, use of the word “nigger” and appropriating cultural dress. (wikipedia)

30 Rock – Alfie and Abner

(^^^ Hipster Racism^^^)

Death Parade – trailer

X-Files: Cold Cases (audible)

Jericho Siren

Proof – I Am Kloot

Pacific RimJob

(watch at your own risk)

Dream Daddy – A Daddy Dating Simulator (steam)

Why Can’t Anyone Assemble the Shrine of the Silver Monkey?

Ninja Sex Party (youtube)

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series