The Foxes continue to catch up this week as Caitlin and Karen talk about their latest pop cultural indulgences. Caitlin’s been playing games other than Overwatch (and also is still playing Overwatch); Karen’s been at the movies and into Mormon smut. (…It’s literature!)

Show Notes:

Overwatch Summer Games

Lucio Ball




Tattoo Junkee lipsticks

Coloured Rain lipsticks


Comic that Atomic Blonde is based on: The Coldest City



American Gods: on Amazon?

[Turns out I’m a liar, unless you’re outside the US. Ignore this claim and find a friend with Starz. -Liz]

[…Which you can buy via Amazon Prime – Karen]


Book Club pick reminder: Bitter Springs

Mormon smut book: And it Came to Pass

The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny


Caitlin’s other podcast: A Star to Steer Her By [No, we’re totally not jealous about sharing her]

Star Trek TAS character: Arex

50 Year Mission