Join the Foxes this week as they cast their steely, uncompromising, and vengeful womanly gaze upon the dystopian nightmare hellscape that is Hulu’s Republic of Gilead.

Come for the praise of the television adaptation, the acting, and the author, but stay for just how freakin’ wrong the whole premise is and how we’d all just like it to stop…please.

May the Lord open.

Show Notes:

The Handmaid’s Tale, the…

Book, by Margaret Atwood

TV Show – on Hulu

Movie (oh god):

And the TV vs movie posters:


Brokedown Palace [Note from Liz: I’m actually afraid to go back and rewatch this, but I remember liking it a lot?]




Margaret Atwood’s cameo (and slap) in the Hulu series (autoplay warning!)

Y: The Last Man comic series

Reminder: “Hand Turkey” = House of Cards


Jane Elliott‘s Blue-Eyes-Brown-Eyes exercise: PBS Frontline special about it