Covert Cupid ’17 Fanfic: Mindy

Note: This entry is part of this year’s Covert Cupid challenge, in which each host drew three characters from a hat and used them to write a romantic fanfiction short. You can hear them all read aloud in Episode 80 of the podcast.

It had to be a Christmas movie. Of course it had to be a Christmas movie. I strongly suspected foul play, but, when I watched the video of the Heat Miser’s song… it was actually pretty cute.
This was certainly a tough one for me — I wasn’t too familiar with any of the characters, and at first, they seemed to have absolutely nothing whatsoever in common.

Ultimately, though, I couldn’t resist the idea of matching up two sort-of-supervillains who each had a kind of creepy crack team of minions, however bizarre the pairing seemed to be. And as for Leela, well, who better to pop randomly and inexplicably into a story than a Doctor Who companion?

And, um… I love fondue. Don’t you?

I hope you enjoy the story! -Mindy

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Ep 22 – Liquor: The Real Holiday Spirit

We four Foxes in the Hen House are,
Sharing joy both near and afar.
We’re just thinking,
It’s the drinking,
Why our spirits, lifted, are.

Okay, that doesn’t exactly parse. But once you hear the reason for the season for us Foxes, I (Caitlin) hope you will forgive a little bad poetry (oh noetry). Hear how Karen makes it through the holidays (and high school reunions); how Liz’s family makes priests feel cherished at Christmas; the holidays Mindy prefers over Hanukkah; and how Caitlin is basically a bitter, old b*tch. Except not bitter or old.

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