This week the Foxes tackle the topic of Television families.
The good ones. The bad ones. The ones that put the fun in dysfunctional.

Which families do the Foxes think of first?
What do our favorite fictional families say about us?
And what does that all say about how we as a culture define the normal family?

Tune in this week, or so help me, I’ll turn this podcast right around!

The Simpsons (

Step by Step:

Family Matters:

The Sopranos:

Friday Night Lights
(Yes, it’s very sportball heavy in this trailer, but trust me: The show is about more than the game. It’s about living in a town that lives or dies by this game, and how that affects the people who live there. – k)

There weren’t any kids on King of Queens (wikipedia), which was a modern emulation of The Honeymooners.

Paul had a cousin, Jamie had a sister on Mad About You (wikipedia).

Joey Harris (Greg Evigan) was the cool dad on My Two Dads (imdb).

Grace and Frankie:

Who’s Laughing Now? The History of the Sitcom Laugh Track (indywire)

Why does the Big Bang Theory use a laugh track or live audience laughter? (quora)

One Day at a Time ( 1980):

Day By Day (2016):

Blackish (trailer):

Crowded (trailer):

The Sopranos Dream sequences (NSFW):

The Great Seer (founding of Joseon dynasty):

Bryan Cranston on Rollerskates:

And the internet tells us Black Panther will be released on February 16, 2018.