It may have taken them longer than a hop from Sandleford to Efrafa, but the Foxes have finally finished Richard Adams’ classic tale of lapine adventure, “Watership Down.”

Tune in this week to find out who thinks Hazel should be sporting Command Gold, who’s more of a hombil at heart, and who’s just glad her edition came with a glossary.

Not even the Holy Hand-grenade of Antioch will protect you!

Show Notes:

“Watership Down” – Richard Adams  (goodreads)
Lapine Glossary (wiki)
Interactive Google Map  (gmaps)

Watership Downs (1978)

Once More With Feeling: “I’ve Got a Theory”

Monty Python Bunny Scene:

A German Giant rabbit, with Collie for scale.

Do rabbits eat their own poop? Kind of sort of not really.

Eddie Izzard – Hoovers

Eddie Izzard – Lawnmowers

(the video starts at correct time, but whole thing is great.)

Worf Always Gets Hurt

(My favorite is when he’s attacked by the crates. – K)

Though apparently this game is based on a Pre-existing Watership Down game. (wiki)


“We Help You.” “PISS OFF!” – Watership Down

Also, Richard Adams notes in his introduction to the book that he based Kehaar on a Norwegian resistance fighter. (

New Disney Movie – SNL

Lifeline Threatre (

Watership Down – Lifeline Theatre (2011)

BBC and Netflix team up for new Watership Down production (bbc)

A new BBC adaptation of Watership Down will feature John Boyega, the actor who sprang to fame in the new Star Wars film, in an all-star cast including James McAvoy, Ben Kingsley and Gemma Arterton.

The four-part animation will give a more prominent and heroic role to the female characters in Richard Adams’s novel, which tells the story of rabbits forced to find a new home after their warren is destroyed, than in the famously blood and gore-heavy film of 1978.

Watership Down (2016) – Full Cast (imdb)

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Watership Down: The Series

Literature / Watership Down (tvtropes)

“The House of the Spirits” – Isabel Allende (goodreads)

Trigger Warning: There is a rape in Chapter 2. [I did not remember this at the time of recording. — Liz]