Ep 49 – Fangs for Listening

Court death and danger this week by inviting the Foxes in to talk about pop culture’s sometimes sexy, sometimes scary, never dying monsters: vampires! Have a listen this week to get hear theories on cultural disillusionment, resurrected fanfic memories, and big bat balls. But beware, the Foxes do not drink… wine. (Not THIS week, that is–they had beer and cider).

Show Notes:

Robin Hood: “Did you say Abe Lincoln?”

30 Days of Night
ep 49 - 30 days vampire

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

“The Vampyre” – John Polidori (wikipedia)

28 Days Later
ep 49 - 28 days zombie

Ginger Snaps (trailer)

Bram Stoker’s Draculaep 49 - dracula werewolf

Zoobilee Zoo (Liz note: I’m so sorry, Ben Vereen.)
ep 49 - zoobilee zoo

Things I Will Do if I am Ever a Vampire (tvtropes)

Kindred: The Embraced

[ed note:  this show is currently not available to stream (CanIStream.It)]

Gerard Butler’s “Dracula 2000” audition:

Monster Squad (trailer)

Love at First Bite (trailer)

TH-ames? Tems? Both?
ep 49 - thames

Bunnicula (goodreads)

Are YOU afraid of the dark?
ep 49 - are you afraid nosferatu

Baby Bat Rescue (fb)

Sweet Bat Dance Party?
Or just an excuse to type: BAT BALLS?!
ep 49 - bat partyYou decide!


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