The podcast you are about to read is a fib, but it’s short.

My partner is Mindy. My boss is Caitlin. Head of our computer division is Liz . My name is Karen, I’m a Fox in the Hen House.

Show notes:

A moment of silence for our first Gilmore Girls recording.
(not to be confused with THIS Gilmore Girls recording.)

This is the quote Karen was looking for…

It’s like Saturday Night Live, but every day…and with more math.

Mathnet starts here:

321 Contact!

The Bloodhound Gang:

Not to be confused with…

“The Bad Touch” – The Bloodhound Gang


Not to be confused with…
Dragnet (1987)

Fay Wray was not a character in King Kong, but the name of the actress who played “Ann Darrow.” (wikipedia)


Tiny Little Super Guy