Now, I know this may seem strange-bordering-on-impossible, but the Foxes LOVE podcasts. No, really, it’s true!

Find out which Fox prefers their podcasts quick and nerdy, who likes their podcasts to spin a yarn (and who actually really dislikes Welcome to Night Vale), who likes their shows chatty and which Fox has a penchant for history podcasts. As an added bonus – find out which show the Foxes are going to set for revival! All this and more in this week’s episode!


We named a metric asston of podcasts in this episode. Here’s the compiled list!


  • Gilmore Guys – Two guys discuss Gilmore Girls – the fashion, the culture, the issues.
  • Highlander Rewatched – An episode-by-episode discussion of Highlander: The Series.
  • X-Files Files – Kumail Nanjiani rewatches and deconstructs the X-Files: some stellar guests, and interesting discussion, including going through contemporary message board posts about each ep!


  • Decoder Ring Theatre – Two vintage-style full-cast audio dramas: Black Jack Justice (banterlicious noir detective) and Red Panda Adventures (Canada’s greatest superhero, and his adorable sidekick and romantic interest, the Flying Squirrel!)
  • The Hadron Gospel Hour – Comedic science fiction audio drama.
  • Invisibilia – Stories about the invisible forces that affect our lives.
  • The Memory Palace -A historical podcast in a storytelling format, with bite-sized episodes.
  • The Moth – True personal stories told live on stage without notes.
  • Reply All – Non-fiction tales and investigations arising from use and abuse of the internet.
  • Selected Shorts – Classic and modern short stories performed live by stage and screen actors.
  • Serial – A single real-life story told in weekly portions.
  • Strangers – A variety of personal interviews with interesting people, including a blind audio engineer, and a sexual surrogate.
    • Love Hurts – The Strangers creator and host decides to embark on an investigation of why she’s single. This includes interviewing ex-boyfriends.
  • This American Life – Each week they bring you a variety of stories on a theme — usually non-fiction, sometimes investigative, almost always fantastic.
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour – “New-time podcast in the style of old-time radio.” A parody of OTR shows with lots of voices you might recognize.
  • The Truth – Compelling short-form one-off audio dramas which sometimes veer into horror or magical realism.


  • 60-Second Science – Scientific American presents bite-sized morsels of science for your brainmeats.
  • Good Job, Brain! – A trivia podcast that gives you bits of information of varying levels of usefulness.
  • Planet Money – NPR’s financial podcast that specializes in breaking down the highly complex financial world into ready to digest nuggets.
  • Stuff Mom Never Told You – A show that takes a feminist look at health, sexuality, and other topics you might be afraid to ask about.


Round-table and Discussion

  • Chat Very Good – A comedic round table chat show hosted by lovely British games journalists.
  • Daft Souls – Video gaming podcast hosted by Matt Lees with a revolving cast of visitors.
  • Electric Sistahood – Two sisters banter about anime, games, and other geeky things.
  • Guys We F****d – A much less serious, NSFW sex podcast.
  • Hello from the Magic Tavern! – A weekly chat in the magical land of Foon, with three regular hosts and a weekly guest or two.
  • My Brother My Brother and Me – Lin-Manuel Miranda is a fan–that’s good enough for us!
  • The Now Show – Like a British Daily Show, with more parody and a song each week.
  • Podquisition – A comedic video gaming podcast featuring Jim Sterling, Laura Dale, and Gavin Dunne.
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour – Round-table discussion of pop-culture from the fine folks at NPR.
  • Regular Features – Four gents present features that are actually anything but regular. [The greatest podcast of all time, also funny as hell. -Caitlin]
  • Reidcast – A podcast about gaming, TV, movies, and… other stuff.
  • Savage Lovecast – Snarky and blunt sex advice column. Not safe for work.