This week The Foxes bring you up to speed on what they’ve been doing the last couple of weeks, with an entire episode dedicated to Catch Up Corner.

What’ve they been playing? Reading? Watching? And seeing?
Trust me, you’ll want to be in the room when this happens.

Notes and links from this week’s episode:


Regarding the relationship between Layton Brothers: Mystery Room and Nintendo DS games starring Professor Layton. They are both made by
Layton Bros and Dr Layton by the same company, Level-5.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Google Play
Apple Store

Side Quest Cat

That place in Brooklyn that’ll sell you wooden eyeglass frames with Comic Book overlays? That’s Sires Eyeware.


Poor Unfortunate Soul



“The artwork to the left was done by the Amazing Eric Talbot. If you look close you can totally see how wrinkled the book itself is, but that the artwork itself remains unscathed. Don’t think there weren’t more than a few, “THANK YOUS” to the universe for that fact.” – K



Pins 1 Pins 2

” Here are some examples of the various Skottie Young enamel pins that were available at this years NYCC Marvel Booth. For a good look at all the offerings you can go here:
Comics Alliance, “Marvel Pin Packs Return for NYCC and That’s Going to be a Problem Read More: Uh-Oh: Marvel Pin Packs Return for NYCC “  – K




If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t mainlined the Original Broadway Cast Recording of “Hamilton,” but would like to, then this is your lucky day!
NPR First Listen; Review: Cast Recording, ‘Hamilton’
(If you don’t happen to have a Spotify account, but would still like to listen: Youtube)

The article about the sheer number of words in Hamilton vs that of other musicals came from the fine folks at  Five Thirty Eight.

Want to watch Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda do the opening number for the show at the White House?
You can do so here!

Musical Citations for Hamilton  can be found here, courtesy of Genius.com

Interested in some French Hip-Hop? Be sure to check out the musical stylings of MC Solaar
(link goes to his official Youtube Channel)

Interested to see more work done by Lin-Manuel Miranda:
This American Life: The Musical
Neil Patrick Harris – 2013 Tony Awards Finale Rap
Watch “Hamilton” star Leslie Odom Jr. Burr it up in this Mock “Got Milk?” ad.
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