This week is good times with bad, bad, people as the Foxes talk about their favorite villains. What makes a good villain? Which kinds are the most interesting, or just the most fun? Join us for thoughts on what separates Wolverine from Magneto and Magneto from Richard Nixon–and whether or not Inspector Javert sucks.

Notes and links from this week’s episode: 

Lex Luthor stealing forty cakes

Goldfinger and the paint-suffocation myth – Caitlin no longer has to live in fear of death by body paint!

Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin – The Daredevil villain’s Netflix incarnation is presented as autistic, and it’s part of what makes him more human and sympathetic.

Les Miserables – The confrontation between Inspector Javert and “Bread McStealerpants.” What do you think–do Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman have that homoerotic chemistry that makes you (or at least Karen) want to push their faces together?


Breaking Bad – Is Walter White an anti-hero, or are we watching a villain’s origin story?

Mecha-Mooks – A look at examples of robots as acceptable bad guys to be torn to shreds by the hero(es). (Warning: TV Tropes link–we are not responsible for any time lost after clicking.)


Batman ineffectually fighting a big robotic clown, because of course

Morden on Babylon 5 – “What do you want?”

Magneto in X-Men: First Class – When the Nazi-hunting scene is someone’s introduction to a character they’re told is a villain, can you blame them if they root for him?


The Borg – The Star Trek: TNG episode “I, Borg” actually tackles the morality of wiping out the Borg.
Captain Picard an Doctor Crusher ponder the fate of a captured Borg droneCrusher: I just think we should be clear about that. We’re talking about annihilating an entire race.
Picard: Which under most circumstances would be unconscionable, but as I see it, the Borg `leave us with little choice.