The Frightening Four take on the spookiest night of the year. Karen, Mindy, Caitlin, and Liz compare Halloween traditions and their favorite costumes, candies, and TV specials. The conversation eventually ends up in Catch-Up Corner to check in on TV shows old and new(ish).

Notes and links from this week’s episode:

Vincent Price – The Saturday Night Live sketch that ultimately broke Karen.

Cosplay/DIY Costumes:

  • Magic Wheelchair – A non-profit that makes sweetass Halloween costumes for kids with wheelchairs.
  • Furiosa – Check out the rest of this cosplayer’s blog to read her thoughts about the great Imperator and representation.
  • Tiny Robocop – I’ll buy that for a dollar! (And by “that” we mean “the obtainable household components to make this adorable costume.”)

Birth of a Candy Bar – From the dinosaur age in which memes were shared by email forwards. (Kids, ask your parents.)

birth of a candy bar

Girls Costume Warehouse – Laugh through your tears, ladies!

Jack Chop – If you’ve never been to New England, this is all accurate.


Mischief Night – An overview of Mischief Night, aka Devil’s Night, aka Cabbage Night, aka little teenage assholes’ night. The ways of Liz’s people are strange.

The Worst Witch – Is Tim Curry’s accent ridiculous in this one? There’s only one way to find out!

Sizzler Sisters – A bizarre peek into Caitlin’s childhood.


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