This week, the Foxes give you a pre-Halloween treat and discuss that ever-popular genre, horror! Movies, video games, books, the occasional soundtrack, and even tabletop RPGs! Caitlin is the perfect storm of sleep deprived, hung over, and ornery, Liz is the perfect host, Karen is the perfect backseat gamer, and Mindy is the perfect story teller. Only now as I type this description do I realize the folly in telling The Internet everything we’re afraid of – but it’s a risk we’re willing to take.

Notes and links from this week’s episode:

Butt Music in Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights – The freaky-deaky stuff is in the third panel. Liz wasn’t quite right about the “butt trumpet” (though you can find lots of other examples), but there is music on some poor

Music on some dude's butt in hell
Art is weird.

person’s butt (at right)–which you can listen to, because the Internet is full of heroes: “The Music Written on This Dude’s Butt

House of Leaves – The book we discussed is by Mark R. Danielewski. The album Haunted–by his sister, Poe–is the musical counterpart to the novel.

Night Watch – This Russian vampire movie is possibly the most fun you’ll ever have reading subtitles.

P.T. (Silent Hill) & Two Cowards Play – Killing two birds with one stone here, “P.T.” is the demo for the now-scrapped Hideo Kojima/Guillermo del Toro Silent Hill installment. Two Cowards Play is a recurring YouTube series from Videogamer UK, which you’ve heard Caitlin and Liz mention more than once.

I AM SANTA CLAUS – A.k.a. the Pretend Man of Lies himself.


American McGee’s Alice – A classic video game that takes your childhood friends and absolutely fucks them up. Followed up with the sequel Alice: Madness Returns.

The Making of “Thriller” – This link particularly jumps to the part that shows you the sweet, sweet makeup effect for Michael Jackson’s transformation sequence in the early, cinematic part of the music video (before the actual song starts).


Radio Dramas – There are a bunch out there (including podcast feeds and web archives), but the two in particular that the Foxes discuss are “The Thing on the Fourble Board” and “Sorry, Wrong Number.”

Northanger Abbey – Learn from Karen and don’t read this as an intro to Gothic fiction OR Jane Austen.

Cropsey – Apparently a legend in New York and New Jersey at least (and made into a movie!) …But who knows where (John) Cropsey lurks these days?

Fallen – The Denzel Washington movie that makes the Rolling Stones suddenly creepier.


(P.S. – In my defense, there is a butt flute in that Bosch panel. -Liz)

Some poor dude in hell with a flute up his butt